You will receive: SVG (vector), PNG.
You will receive: SVG (vector), PNG
, Animated GIF, Animated PSD
 (Basic Licence)
Right to use the material for any personal, commercial, editorial or client purpose. Learn more.
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Right to include the material on merchandise for sale or mass distributed phisical products. Learn more.
For marketing

There is not a second chance to make a good first

Oscar Wilde said “There is not a second chance to make a good first impression”, and that is why you should use the most beautiful and eye-catching visual content that awakens in your community the need to interact since the first moment.

For Web

An icon says more than a thousand words

One of our precepts is that "an icon says more than a thousand words"; For this reason, you must optimize the content of your website to hook visitors and encourage them to continue browsing your site from the moment they access. The Quo Stock icons are the perfect complement to give the design of your website a unique style that transmits the message of your brand. 

For App

Be intuitive

Build an intuitive application that communicates in a fun way its functions through icons. 

For merchandise

Be lovely

The icons of Quo Stock will provide to the design of your merchandise that element that will make everyone love and prefer it.

For Apparel

Be fashion

You can save to your fashion design team a lot of hours of work by using our icons. Distributing them throughout your garment in vintage style or simply placing a single icon on your garment to create a striking basic style.

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If your purpose is to create lovely wall art and decorative prints, Quo Stock will be very useful for you because our icons are the perfect tool to develop printed materials that embellish spaces or products.

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